Jan 2

Tuesday Talks

Happy New Year!

What an amazing adventure 2017 was. I launched floret+vine, got to know so many new vendors, clients and suppliers. I travelled, tried new things and got engaged! I left my comfort zone and took a leap of faith to pursue my passion with floral design, and could not be more grateful for all the support I received from loved ones in doing so.

2018 will come with a whole new set of adventures: planning my own wedding, working with lots of clients for their weddings, events and moments and continuing to be inspired by nature to create more unique and special floral creations. 2018 will also bring with it challenges, and my goal is to be fearless and tackle those head on.

As floret+vine grows, I want to make sure I am growing along with it. I want to engage with all of you, I want to expand what we do here as a company, and I want to bring you unique content twice a week.

This is the start of the floret+vine blog, which will have posts on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Tuesdays will bring ‘Tuesday Talks’, a time for me to bring some techniques, tips and tricks to you. I want to help you figure out what to do when you grab flowers at the grocery store, or how to throw a quick party and put together an inspired table.

Fridays will bring ‘Friday Finds’, which will be inspiration I have found throughout the web, in nature or just in my day to day life. I will share wedding inspiration, event ideas and other content to get your creativity flowing as we go into the weekend.

Please comment below with any blog ideas or topics you’d like me to cover. I look forward to being your go-to community florist and am so thrilled to see what 2018 brings!