Jan 9

Tuesday Talks

Did anyone else feel like last week was a bit sleepy? Between cold/flu season and bitter cold here on the East Coast I felt like hibernating and nesting all week! In the midst of that sluggishness, I was able to chart out some plans and ideas for 2018 with floret+vine:

Be Consistent with Social Media: This one is important and one I am working on. I want to create a community around this business. I want to be more than a wedding florist. Part of that means I want to connect with you, and make sure I am not only creating designs and pieces you love, but also bringing content to this blog and to my Social Media that will inspire you in your life and with your own events, large or small. My goal is to consistently blog twice a week, post content to Instagram and Twitter at least 4 times a week, and start including Stories in my routine.

Be Fearless: My goal for 2018 is to be fearless. This is my personal goal as well as my professional goal. I want to always be learning and growing as a person, a business owner, a friend and a partner. I will be challenging myself to buy new flowers and foliage that I have never worked with and to create with them. I will also be fearless in my pursuit of this community. Every idea may not be the best, but I will learn and evolve this business with you. I value feedback and want to know what YOU want from floret+vine.

Be Fit: I know this sounds like a tired resolution but last year I had a hip/back problem which meant I had to stop working out for 6 months, not long after I had completed my first sprint triathlon. I did a lot of physical therapy and am cleared to train again, but man is starting over hard. I am committed to moving every single day, whether it be a HIIT workout, a run or yoga. This year, instead of being critical (as we all can be so easily) I will be good to myself and my body by being active. I also have plans to run a 5K, 10K and a Sprint Triathlon this year.

Be Creative: This is why I got back into full-time floral design! I am eager to push myself with new techniques, find new flower farms to work with and to have fun with my designs! I am excited to work with all of my clients to create their dream event designs, and also to design fun content to bring you here on the blog. My designs are organic, natural, sometimes formal, sometimes silly, and always unique. I never want to lose the creative side of designing.

Be Happy: When I took the leap to start this business, I did so in the pursuit of rekindling my passion about my day to day work. It’s important to me to be the best version of myself as life is far too short. What I love more than anything is being creative, working with clients to make their visions come to life, and feeling empowered to be my own boss. This year, I am so excited to push myself and my visions past what I think is possible, and to never stop challenging myself.

There is so much to be thankful for, and I am endlessly thankful for all of you supporting floret+vine. This is going to be an exciting year, and I am ready for the adventures to come!