Jan 16

Tuesday Talks

Happy Tuesday all! Today I want to address the dreaded topic of Wedding Flower budgeting! Contrary to the norm, I like to be open and honest about budgets early on in our meeting. Let’s face it-it’s expensive to throw a gorgeous wedding, and we have to be able to openly discuss what the budget is for each portion of the day. Here are some tips for taking out the stress of budgeting for flowers:

– Be Flexible: Going into a consultation with a florist, bring ideas, pictures and an open mind. Your wedding florist can work with you to work with your budget and your vision, through offering alternatives or substitutions if need be.

– Be Reasonable: Sometimes there is nothing to be done about what your vision will cost vs what you want to spend. If you enter into the consultation with an open mind and an idea of your ideal budget, understand your ideal budget may not match with your vision. Instead of getting stressed, talk to your florist about the most important components of your vision, and work towards still honoring your vision, but getting closer to what you’re comfortable spending.

– Understand Your Wedding Priorities: Every couple has a different set of priorities for their wedding day. Sometimes the most important aspect of the wedding is the photography, sometimes it’s the food, sometimes it’s the decor. Understanding what is the most important to you and your fiancé will help when you’re feeling overwhelmed about money. It will enable you to know where you’re willing to scale back to make sure your top priorities are met.

– Have Fun: It’s floret+vine’s opinion that wedding flowers should NEVER be stressful. There’s plenty in life to worry about, flowers should not be on that list! I like to make the process fun, collaborative and exciting. We will openly talk about budget, ideas and making those work together. You need to have fun with the decor-it’s there to enhance your day, not overwhelm it.

At the end of the day, wedding planning is about creating a day that honors you and your fiancé. Choose vendors who understand your vision, budget and will honor them. You should be able to focus on what is important-the fact that you are marrying your loved one, you shouldn’t be focused on anything else or stressing about the details. It’s your wedding vendor team’s job to execute your ideas, and make the day as special as you are.