Meet Danielle!

Danielle is our fabulous Studio Manager at Floret + Vine and absolutely loves working alongside Kate, they make a fantastic team! She is a recent government worker drop-out, having left her “dream” profession where she worked for seven years to channel her inner creative side. Danielle realized her passion for working in the wedding industry in 2017 when she started her calligraphy business – Pens & Peonies, Creative. She knew working in the wedding industry was her calling and was so thrilled when Kate hired her to manage the studio.

Danielle recently married her amazing husband in May and created all of her stunning floral centerpieces, which really drove her passion to work within the wedding industry. She loves working with flowers every day because she gets to fall in love with nature over and over again. In case you are wondering, Danielle’s favorite flower is the Dahlia which she thinks are magical and dreamy. She says: “I love me some Dahlias especially when they reach ultimate full-bloom, they come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors – Dahlias legit gives me goosebumps!”

During her free time, you can find her spending the day with her family by the pool in the summer, running, checking out new restaurants (she’s a huge pizza lover), giving her dog Tonka belly rubs, helping her husband design and renovate their new home, working on calligraphy projects, obsessing over Christmas decorations, traveling/ adding trips to her vacation bucket list (next up is Spain), making messes in her kitchen, and the list goes on!


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