5 easy steps to turn store-bought flowers into stunning arrangements

There is just something about having fresh flowers throughout my home, it makes my heart and nose so happy! I love bringing nature indoors and lighting up my place with color and fragrance. Before I started working for Kate I would just throw a prearranged bouquet into a vase and call it a day. No no no! I am going to show you a few tricks that I have learned from Kate to turn store-bought flowers into stunning arrangements! Whenever I purchase flowers from the grocery store, I spend 5 minutes turning them into a masterpiece with these steps.

Also, the more you design with store-bought flowers the more amazing you will get at creating beautiful pieces! Practice makes perfect right? These arrangements are so lovely for sprucing up your home for the holidays, thank you gifts, birthdays, happy occasions, or just because! They are also super budget friendly compared to the pre-made arrangements at the grocery store. We would love to see your masterpieces, tag us if you create one.

Supply list:


3 different types of flowers


Floral tape

Cutters/ scissors

1. Pop by your favorite grocery store

We bought our florals from Whole Foods but stop by wherever your heart desires whether it may be Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Wegmans, Safeway, Giant, etc.

2. Decide on your flowers/ color palette

First, decide on your color palette and see what you can find. We always suggest using flowers with different textures, this helps the arrangement look more organic and free flowing. Our best advice is to buy packs of single varieties rather than one pre-made bouquet. We always like to buy about 3 different florals and 1 pack of greenery. To make todays arrangement we picked up white ranunculus, red roses, white spider mums, and seeded eucalyptus. The combination is so beautiful and perfect for a holiday arrangement.

3. Pick out a vase or 3

What I love most about buying packs of single varieties is you can usually make about 3 stunning arrangements with all the flowers. One for the kitchen, living room, entryway, or even your bedroom! Once you have picked out your vases, fill those babies up with water to hydrate the flowers and make sure to add the food packets to each. Next, grid the top of the vase with clear floral tape (or masking tape) like the hashtag sign (#) so the flowers stay in place and don’t move around.  

3. Prep the flowers

Give those beauties a fresh diagonal cut so the flowers can drink once you add them to water. Then, strip the leaves off the bottom half of the stems – then they are ready to go (see below)!

5. Start designing your masterpiece

This is the fun part, let your creativity take control! First, add your greens to the vase to build the base foundation.  Don’t be afraid to droop the greens down, it really adds that magical touch. Then add in your second element… flowers, if there is a special flower – make that your focal point flower! We added in the spider mums first, then the roses, and lastly the ranunculus. Can you tell which flower is our focal point flower? That beautiful yellow centered ranunculus is! You can cluster more flowers together to create a more upscale look. Also, we do not suggest cutting all of the floral stems the same height, different heights really add depth to the arrangement. Once we feel the piece is complete, don’t be afraid to add in more greenery if needed.

Pro tip: while you are designing keep spinning the vase around to see the arrangement from all corners, that way all sides are happy.

Look at this beauty… from Whole Foods flowers, designed by us!

XOXO, Danielle

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