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Hey y’all, Danielle here!

For those of you who don’t know my story, 6 months ago I quit my “dream” government career that I worked at for 7 years to fulfill my new dream… which was change and to actually love my job. When I left my government job it was a huge risk and I was so scared, but Floret + Vine saved me! Once I saw Kate’s advertisement on her Instagram page promoting her available Studio Manager position, I screeched inside and knew it was a sign. Long story short… here I am 6 months later, 100x happier than ever.

I was 100% new to the floral industry but all things creative luckily come natural for me. Here is what I have learned during my first 6 months at Floret + Vine:

practice practice practice

Floral design is an art where you just have to let your creative side take control. Sometimes arrangements come out perfect and sometimes you have to redo arrangements, that’s life as a florist. It’s all about “practice makes perfect” and growing from every design you create. Luckily, Kate pulled me alongside and has taught me so much; I absolutely love watching her create and have learned a tremendous amount from her. We have design days at the studio where we basically set the day aside to flourish our skills and grow grow grow. I have also found it very helpful taking advantage of all the online resources available on the internet, there are tons of educational videos that have been put out into the floral community that I have found to be so beneficial.

sanitation is imperative

Flowers thrive in a clean environment, so I always make sure the studio is spick and span! I have learned anything that comes into contact with our gorgeous flowers need to be thoroughly sanitized. That includes our buckets, tools, cooler walls, workstations… the list goes on! If our work area is not sanitized well enough, so many things could go wrong. If the buckets are dirty, then the water gets dirty, which could result in all of our fresh flowers going to waste and dying. This would never happen to us because of how well we sanitize and I personally love cleaning/ organizing (ask Kate it’s an obsession of mine lol), but poor sanitation skills could ruin hundreds of dollars worth of florals (and leave Kate and I crying inside). 

flowers flowers flowers

I am literally like a kid in a candy shop when our flower orders arrive from our wholesaler. There are thousands upon thousands of different types of flowers in the world and I truly love processing these beauties every week. Every week it is like a hands on lesson for me as I open each box and learn about new flowers and color combinations. I absolutely love meeting new florals, learning the name, texture, and smell! One day I will be able to name them all, like Kate can! Not only am I able to identify most flowers now, I am able to care for each floral properly. For example: hydrangeas love to drink and enjoy chillin’ in our cooler. On the other hand, roses need to be stripped and prefer staying out of the cooler so they are able to blossom at their fullest potential.

everyday is different

This is one of my favorite things about being a Studio Manager at Floret + Vine. Each day I do something completely different, which is the change I was yearning for! Here is what a week in the life of a Studio Manger looks like at Floret + Vine:

Tuesday: Flowers arrive from the wholesaler and are ready to be processed.

Wednesday: I typically spend this day branding, planning social media posts/ blogs, and getting inventory prepared for upcoming weddings.

Thursday + Friday is when all the magic happens and we start creating centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and any floral piece needed.

Saturday is go time baby… when all of our hard work and brides visions come to life! I wait all week and get so excited to go on site and add all the florals to our couples ceremony and reception sites!

Sunday + Monday… you can most likely find Kate and I having wedding hangovers and probably begging our husbands for foot rubs.

XOXO, Danielle

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